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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

LARIBA BANK: By Dr. Yahia Abdul Rahman

LARIBA Book: By Dr. Yahia Abdul Rahman

I am sure that the book "LARIBA BANK" By Dr. Yahia Abdul Rahman will be very informative and intersting. you can read the book by using the above link....

Its Chapterisation as following:-

Chapter 1 LARIBA Banking System
Chapter 2 Islamic Business Ethics
Chapter 3 Review of Islamic Economics
Chapter 4 The Challenge
Chapter 5 The Federal Reserve System of the United States
Chapter 6 The Post World War II International Monetary System
Chapter 7 The European Monetary Union
Chapter 8 Major Features of the Islamic LARIBA Banking Policies
Chapter 9 Relationship of the LARIBA Bank with Its Depositors
Chapter 10 Deposits in LARIBA Banks
Chapter 11 Investing the LARIBA Bank Deposits
Chapter 12 The Dream: A World-wide LARIBA Banking System

With great proud I may quote his own words here:-

I have authored two books:

1.The first was in 1994 called LARIBA Bank (you can read it on line at:
2.The second has been published in January 2010 by one of the largest publishers in the world and by the grace of Allah is a "best seller" in its category as classified by Amazon. The publisher is John Wiley and Sons, Inc. USA: "The Art of Islamic Banking and Finance" (

In this book – based on our experience operating LARIBA (since 1987) and the Bank of Whittier (since 2003) Riba-Free and applying the REAL SPIRIT of the Qur'aan and the Sunna of Muhammad (s) instead of concentrating on the form as was done in the 20th Century.

Best Regards,
Dr. Yahia Abdul-Rahman, Chairman / CEO – and and
Bank of Whittier, NA - 562-945-7553 X-120

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